Let's Help Solve Your Ecommerce Woes | Business Advising By The Hour

Let's Help Solve Your Ecommerce Woes | Business Advising By The Hour

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Service Description:

Schedule a block of time by the hour for consultation with an eCommerce expert to evaluate your existing eCommerce website, business strategy, and goals. We will help provide a brief actionable strategy and develop with you a clear roadmap tailored to your business at its current stage. An expert will help you by focusing on the areas of your business you can quickly make the most impact now and whether that's recommending specific software integrations, maximizing your sales online, or increasing marketing ROAS.

How Can I Use By Time Blocks?

You can use blocks of time in 1-hour increments up to 2 hours at a time per day.

Rates are discounted when you purchase larger groups of time at once to be used at your discretion.

2 Hours - 10% Off

3 Hours - 20% Off

4 Hours - 30% Off

Who Should Use This Service:

Businesses that have an existing website or online presence and that have a need for one-time or a few hours of guidance have a specific business pain point, and a clear, realistic actionable goal in mind.

Some examples but not limited to would include:

  • Enhancing your existing restaurant or retail website by adding a checkout feature, shipping feature, delivery feature, or pickup feature.
  • Integrating or choosing a POS system that works with your online platform
  • Choosing the best-fit E-commerce platform that's future proof and scales
  • Best digital marketing platforms for your business and why
  • Getting your inventory and product information online to your website
  • Brief guidance on increasing website conversion rates
  • Expanding to multichannel sales including Amazon, Google Shopping
  • Ecommerce and inventory management strategies that work online and offline holistically

What Happens Next After Purchase?

After purchasing a block of time, we'll be in touch to schedule the first appointment and share our calendar available calendar with you for easy scheduling.

What Else Should I Know?

Blocks of unused time can be refunded, however, not a discounted rate if you have already used 1 block of time.

Appointments must be canceled within 24 hours of a scheduled meeting otherwise there will be a $20.00 cancellation charge.

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