More Than A Decade Of Real eCommerce Experience

E-IGNITE Founder Torey Littlefield understands businesses need because it is what he does. Torey has real business experience by successfully building up two six-figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and has assisted in launching and revitalizing handfuls of businesses from diverse domains.
He has been in the trenches and he has had to carve his own path. He relates to businesses and business owners and can easily relate to the obstacles they face. He knows how to create innovative, effective, and efficient strategies and solutions for businesses at different sizes and stages.

Torey Littlefield

Torey Littlefield is a business consultant and founder at E-IGNITED, a digital development and consulting company that specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of e-commerce strategies for new and existing SMBs. For more than 10 years Torey has worked with a variety of businesses in helping them more forward and achieve their e-commerce goals. He works with store development, digital marketing, omni and multichannel strategy through leading marketplaces and platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. He is also the owner of Never Enough Books in Easthampton, MA. He enjoys getting out traveling and learning about crossboarder e-commerce particulary in APAC.