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We're here to help businesses with simplified eCommerce solutions. We provide efficient and effective solutions to quickly get you up and online. We can also enhance your existing digital presence so you can acquire more customers and drive sales.

Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step
Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step

Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step

What is our offer?

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation for 1 on 1 or with your team.

This is your completely free help line. No sales tactics of any kind welcomed here. Just bring an idea or problem to the discussion and we'll help brainstorm a solution with you. Please use our time with respect as we are all about respect. Our goal is helping educate businesses and nurture long term and friendly relationships.

Let's discuss your business needs and uncover what is the next best step to take and start taking action for your business. Our goal is for your business to thrive online today, and for the future.

How Do I Schedule?

Scheduling is easy. Just let the select from the available times in the calendar after you select "Book A Free 30 Minute Consultation."

What Types Of Businesses Can Benefit?

  • Retail
  • Restaurants and F&B
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers / Distributors
  • Other B2B or B2C services that are looking for eCommerce and Digital Service Solutions i.e Professional Services Lawyers, Accountants, Medical and Health
  • Any Business That Wants To Sell Products, Services, Events, Training, Coaching Online and Fully Tap Into Their Online Potential

What Can We Discuss?

Website Related

  • Website Development / Design / UX
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Product Page Development
  • Blog and Content Creation
  • Live Chat & Email, and CRM
  • Domain Management and Email Setup (Get Your Own Business .com and Email)
  • Website Indexing
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization | Google Search Console
  • Site Speed Metrics and Scoring
  • Analytics and Data i.e Google Analytics
  • Website Customer Journey and Usability
  • Third-Party Applications and Installations & Integrations
  • Schema, JSON-LD, Google Snippets

Ecommerce Sales, Inventory, Products

  • Ecommerce Platforms and Solutions: Shopify, Facebook Shops, Instagram, And Many More...
  • Online Ordering Systems for Web Checkout, Pickup, Delivery Systems
  • Getting Inventory Online
  • F&B Menu Items
  • Digital and Physical Gift Cards
  • Customer Rewards Programs
  • Online and Instore Omnichannel / Hybrid Solutions With POS
  • Product Data Feeds & Optimization
  • Product Metafields | JSON-LD
  • POS Solutions and Integrations
  • Product Descriptions and Copy
  • Online Sales Channels and Multichannel or Omnichannel Solutions i.e. Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Others
  • Lead Generation and Sales Funnels
  • Sales Analytics, KPIs, Performance, Benchmarking
  • Customer Reviews & Product Reviews
  • Product Photography
  • 3D Product Photography and Video

Digital Marketing

  • Google Business
  • Expanding Digital Presence through Social Media
  • Google Local Ads and Surfaces
  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Microsoft Bing Ads
  • Microsoft Shopping
  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Influencer Marketing / Brand Ambassadors
  • Content Marketing
  • Remarketing and Targeting Audiences
  • KPIs & Metrics: ROAS, ACoS, PPC, CPC
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Sitelinks and Extensions
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Business Reviews

Other Business Solutions

  • Business Outsourcing and Solutions
  • Shipping Solutions
  • 3PL & 4PL Fulfillment Service Solutions
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Logistics and Reverse Logistics Solutions
  • CRM and Customer Support Solutions
  • Business Automation Software Solutions
  • More...

What else do I need to know about this service?

Right now, we are prioritizing existing businesses in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts so we can help them pivot quickly online to access their existing customer base, implement quick and vital streamlined systems, such as online ordering and web development to drive sales and access online markets.

We want to help you fast and get to achieving results towards your business goals. To help us better understand your business and needs we will ask some introductory questions about you and your business to better serve you and use the consultation period most effectively.

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Better you should train your beautiful customers that the best way to apply the products on their skin, effectively they will remember how to use it and maybe return to your website to find useful content.





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It's Personal

It certainly takes a village.
 E-IGNITED knows that robust communities and businesses thrive together in tandem.
We work with existing businesses in the local area so everyone can benefit. We know the territory because we live there. We know the audience because they're our neighbors. We take our clients success personally. We take it personally when our local businesses and communities need help.


More Than A Decade Of Real eCommerce Experience

E-IGNITED Founder Torey Littlefield understands businesses need because it is what he does. Torey has real business experience by successfully building up two six-figure eCommerce businesses from the ground up and has assisted in launching and revitalizing handfuls of businesses from diverse domains.
He has been in the trenches and he has had to carve his own path. He relates to businesses and business owners and can easily relate to the obstacles they face. He knows how to create innovative, effective, and efficient strategies and solutions for businesses at different sizes and stages.


We are eCommerce Specialist That Deliver Data Driven Results

We don't just shoot from the hip. We rely on business intelligence and data to plot our strategies. We provide quantifiable results and metrics to track your businesses progression. Whether it's exploring new sales channels or launching new products we always provide a quantitative method to determine the best of course of action and approach to help ensure success or spot trends. For digital marketing strategies we watch and optimize key metrics and analytics to ensure we achieve the best possible ROI and ACoS that's part of your businesses short and long term strategies. 

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Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step
Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step

Free Consultation | Get To The Next Step

Let's Help Solve Your Ecommerce Woes | Business Advising By The Hour
Let's Help Solve Your Ecommerce Woes | Business Advising By The Hour

Let's Help Solve Your Ecommerce Woes | Business Advising By The Hour

Take Your Restaurant Orders Online: Restaurant Website Development
Take Your Restaurant Orders Online: Restaurant Website Development

Take Your Restaurant Orders Online: Restaurant Website Development


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